Etymology of Social Media Sites

You probably can’t imagine your life without social networking sites. You use them daily to catch up with your friends, to find out latest scoops, etc. The social network idea was originally created in order to connect; to communicate.

You must have wondered at least once, how is it that they come up with such names like Google, Facebook, etc.

Facebook – This name was derived from the colloquial name of the book given by the administrators at the university at the beginning of the school year in order to help students to get to know each other. The version of this book at Harvard was called “Facemash”.

Google – The name comes from the mathematical term “googol” meaning a very large number (10100). Larry Page and Sean Anderson were trying to come up with the name and they come up with this idea. While Anderson was checking to see if the name was available, he made a typo and entered “google” into the browser. Today, we have a verb to google (meaning to search on Google).

Twitter – The original name of the project was “Status” as the idea was to send short messages. As the team was brainstorming, they thought of the word “twitch”, and then looked up in the dictionary for similar words. That is how they found “twitter” meaning “a short burst of inconsequential information”. The verb to twitter now also means to post a message on Twitter.

Yahoo – Yahoo is an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” since it started as a guide. The word itself means “rude, unsophisticated”.  Social media on Smartphone

Apple – It is believed that there are two reasons for this name. Steve Jobs worked summer jobs at a California apple farm and that is way he chose that name. It is believed that the other reason might be the fact that he loved the Beatles, whose label was Apple Records.

Skype – The original name of Skype was “Sky peer-to-peer”, they shortened it to “Skyper”, but the domain was already taken, so they dropped the “r” and “Skype” is what left. Nowadays, we often use the verb to skype, to refer to the communication over the internet using this software.