British Vs American Vocabulary

British American
lift elevator
boot trunk
trousers pants
autumn fall
cinema movies
chips fries
car park parking lot
holiday vacation
main road highway
nappy diaper
petrol gas, gasoline
pocket money allowance
pavement sidewalk
postbox mailbox
rubber eraser
rubbish garbage
sweets candy
timetable schedule
tube subway
windscreen windshield
torch flashlight
tin can
railway railroad
post code zip code
lorry truck
driving licence driver’s license
biscuit cookie
aeroplane airplane
grey gray

2 thoughts on “British Vs American Vocabulary

  1. Ovo je relativno fascinantno… braća Hrvati prevode Srpske filmove… pošto se kao ne razumeju… a još nisam video da Ameri i Englezi to rade međusobno… 😉 Valjda se prave Englezi… a mi sami sebe pravimo… 😉

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